La Casa del Habano

La Casa del Habano is an internationally registered trademark, property of the Corporation Habano S.A.; it’s design and concept are founded in ‘know how’, and have been pivotal in Habanos’ successful development into an International Chain of Franchises in just a brief period of time.

La Casa del Habano are models for successful businesses around the world. An ample number of cigar boutiques rebuilt using norms and parameters of identity set by the Franchiser, Habanos S.A., using it’s image and excellent service, have successfully promoted the pleasures of smoking cigars along with the knowledge of it’s culture to consumers, while still maintaining the capacity to adapt itself to the characteristics and culture of the country in which it functions.

In 1990, the first international La Casa Del Habano began operating in Cancun, Mexico.

From that date to the present it’s business concept has evolved. In the beginning it functioned as a store especially dedicated to the selling of famous Cuban tobaccos commercially recognized around the world. Presently, this store not only sells tobaccos, but is also characterized by numerous other services and personalized attention provided to experts in the art of smoking cigars as well as to those beginners interested in learning about these products, it’s culture and it’s history.

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